Helping you make life better for your customers using service design.

how we can help you

We work with you to make the interactions your customers have with your business easier, connected, and more satisfying.

our approach

Let's marry your business goals to your customers' goals.

We believe that by making all the interactions that someone has with your service or product consciously designed, you can make people happier and your business can thrive. The way to do this effectively is to truly empathize with your users, empower them, and design with them.


User Research

Perhaps you're launching a new business and want to make sure people actually need what you're selling.

Maybe you have an established business but you want to know more about your customers so you can better tailor your products to fit them.

Or perhaps you're looking to appeal to a new demographic of people but you don't know where to start.

Whatever the case, we take research seriously. We focus on qualitative research methods that ensure you get to the heart of what makes people tick. We understand human behaviour and translate it for you.

TLDR: Qualitative research for idea validation, understanding your customer needs, and exploration of new target demographics.

User Experience Strategy

You know your customers as well as you know your best friend, but what happens next? Let's take that user research and use it to evaluate what they experience when interacting with you.

Maybe there's something confusing about your website that causes them to leave it or they can't quite seem to find the answers to their questions without calling you thirteen times. Maybe you're not aware of any problems but you could still be losing customers because they can't understand how to interact with you.

We'll help you identify and remove any frustration they may be experiencing so the journey of buying something from you feels like flying first class and not like travelling on the baggage belt.

TLDR: Usability testing and user experience evaluations with targeted recommendations for design.

Service Design

Your user experience is all sewn up and now it's time to dream big. How do you determine the next move for your business?

How can you make all those experiences connect to one another? How can you make it all make sense for not only your customers, but your employees?

Let's bring your team together to make everyone a part of this process so they're just as invested as you are. Let's help you explore new opportunities, look at your business from a holistic point of view, and reach new heights on serving your customers.

TLDR: New opportunity discovery, ideation and innovation, and team dynamics.

We want to help you gain a holistic and comprehensive understanding of what your customer journey looks like and work with you to make it even better.

We'd love to hear about who you are and what you're working on.
We make our home in Calgary, AB but we work worldwide.