Helping you make life better for people using service design.

how we can help you

We’re working to make people’s interactions with services easier, more satisfying, and more equal. We do this by putting people first. Always.  

our approach

It's not just design thinking. It's actual design.

We believe that by making all the interactions that someone has with a service or product consciously designed, you can make people happier and businesses thrive. The only way to do this effectively is to truly empathize with users, empower them, and design with them.


User Experience

We will evaluate what your customers are experiencing right now as they use your service or product and make targeted, specific recommendations to improve that experience. We always base our recommendations on real user behaviour and there are different levels of evaluation depending on how deep you want to dive. Our UX services include:

  • Expert (heuristic) evaluation
  • User testing and evaluation
  • Initial design or re-design of a digital experience

Service Design

One step further than user experience: this is what you need if your product itself is perfect but you want to get your entire customer journey, from start to finish, working for your customers all while learning a lot more about them on a deeper level. Some of our Service Design related offerings are:

  • In-depth qualitative research reporting on customer needs
  • Journey mapping and expectation mapping
  • Service blueprinting (internal and external evaluation of an organization)
  • Service prototyping and testing
  • Behavioural observation and analysis
  • Initial design or re-design of a service (digital, non-digital, or combined)


Want in on the fun? We offer workshops targeted to help your team better understand how to research humans, how to ideate and create for them, and how you can work better as a team. We give workshops in:

  • Researching humans, not just "users"
  • Design sprinting / hackathons
  • Team feedback & reflection
  • Design thinking and framing your problem
  • Idea generation

We want to help you gain a holistic and comprehensive understanding of what your customer journey looks like and work with you to make it even better.

We'd love to hear about who you are and what you're working on.
We make our home in Calgary, AB but we work worldwide.